50 Jahre aus Hamburg

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you are my bestie

As a person with no children my choice of life is different, but we come in all forms and sizes, right? :-)

Of the things I like doing probably travelling is the most important acitviy.
In unsorted order these are also parts of myself: concerts, fine dining, knitting, walking, The Big Bang Theory series, cooking, chatting, Hafencity, clubbing, sowing, Lego, modern art, original versions of films and series, music, English cinema, Hawaii, dancing, Star Trek, learning new things, other cultures and life forms, fiction with mystery (e.g. Paul Auster), green tea, you.
What do you think, bestie? :-) Are you in for a "first contact"? :-)

If you travel far enough you will eventually meet yourself
Filme & Serien
Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, Magnum P.I., Hawaii 5-0
Trance, Ambient, Rock
In der Umgebung
Savoy Cinema, Elbe, St. Peter Ording
Ireland, Hawaii, Japan

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