43 Jahre aus Schweitenkirchen

Looking for warm genuine friends


My name is Alina, I am 42 years old happily married and content with my career IT professional and I am looking to find genuine connections in Schweitenkirchen area ( ~20 minutes driving works for me), since we just moved in Sünzhausen/Schweitenkirchen.

I love cooking, baking, gardening and watching movies/series. I am not very sporty but 30 minutes - 1 hour walks work for me.

I am very positive and optimistic by nature and I look for people like minded.

My husband and I are both into computer games and boardgames, so if you have a partner to play some games all 4 of us together or have dinner etc would also be great.

Please note that at the moment I am not fluent in German language.

Looking forward to speak with you ♥️🤗☕

Alice in Wonderland
Filme & Serien
Friends, Gilmore girls, Buffy the vampire slayer, Marvel universe
Not very into music, but I love classics like Elvis and Beatles, and Backstreet boys
In der Umgebung
Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Freising
France, Italy, Romania, Spain