27 Jahre aus Leipzig

Zuletzt online: 08.09.2022

Just a adventurous Bean looking for some people to go out with.

Heyho! My name Is Noyu/Verlind (I do prefer english, but I don't mind german)

looking for:
- People who are non-judgmental/Understanding to Mental-illnesses, who are or were in therapy/Have self-reflected a tiny bit.
- People who also browse the internet and understand meme-language a little bit. Watch YouTube/twitch maybe, and want to take some tiny walks and share interests
- People who don't overly talk about sexual stuff

What I can bring:
- Good research-ability
- Emotional support, being able to set boundaries
- Some Advice for self-care (Lots)
- Lots of silly fun
- Good hecking food
- A decent Wifi hotspot

- Art (Digital, traditional, animation, blender)
- Gaming (Minecraft, 7days to die, Destiny 2, Subnautica ect...)
- Cooking/Food
- Plants (I do own 27+)

- I don't like parties (But I'll respect anyone who goes there ofc)
- People who excuse SA/CSA
- Racists, Homophobes, Ableists (I'm not perfect myself, so if you see I do racist/ableists stuff, call me out on it. I would love to learn how to be better.)
- When people don't listen and can't communicate.

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